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The "Hit the Road" podcast -- riding through the Monsoons

Rohan Thakar over at the "Hit the Road" podcast asked me for my tips on riding through the Monsoons, so we sat down and chatted, and this podcast is what came out, along with show markers below:

You can also listen to the episode and subscribe to "Hit the Road" on Google and Apple podcasts!


Pre-ride checks

3:25: What are my quick checks for wet-day rides?

5:00: What is the ideal tire width? No surprises here

6:45: Rim brakes + wet weather -- the negative effects to look out for

Riding checks and "rain cheques"

8:50: What are a couple "rain cheque" options to replace your fair-weather ride plans?

10:00: What are alternatives to moving training indoors?

13:00: Any hacks to descending in wet weather?

14:10: Disc brake maintenance and carbon wheels in wet weather?

16:00: What are the 2 pieces of clothing that are a must in wet weather? 1 of them is highly under-rated, but highly recommended

20:20: What is the best non-cycling alternative to a rain-cancelled ride?

Post-ride maintenance

23:20: The journey of bike maintenance enlightenment: Blacker the chain, the better? WD40 -- the magic wand? Degreaser -- should you bother? Types of chain lube?

26:00: My top-secret, budget, super-effective bike cleaning tip! (Link: WaveX car degreaser)

28:30: The one tool that every rider who wants to improve their bike maintenance quotient should add to their garage (Link: Park Tool repair stands and Decathlon repair stands)

Image Credits: Chenthil Mohan

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