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#IsoTour 2021: 2-day "Stage Race"

Updated: Aug 9, 2021


We had 21 riders officially "race" the Iso Gran Fondo, with another 9 riders unofficially riding it and helping pace teammates or friends to a fast time out on course. Pretty much everyone set a PR on the course today, which was the whole goal of the event more than anything else. Solid efforts by everyone out there, and without further ado, the results:

Overall and Category placings

General Classification winners

And that's a wrap! Hope everyone who came out got to visit there max heart rates for 2021 and spent some quality time at threshold. 65 unique racers over two weekends -- kudos to every one who came out and pushed it out there, and congrats to the winners. Keep riding lots!


Stage 2, Sunday, August 8th: ISO Gran Fondo - Hyderabad Highway 47.1km

2 safety updates:

The 3 "neutral zone" junctions on your way out and back
  1. There are 3 junctions on the segment which I don't want to have folks "race" through. Keeping safety in mind, I've created a 200m "neutral/buffer zone" before AND after each of these 3 signals so you can actually wait or pass safely through without feeling pressure to race through these pinch points. A "Neutral zone" means the time taken to cover that distance will not be part of your total segment time. I will do the back-end segment wizardry to ensure leaderboards are on point. On the ground, you can back off the pace 200m before these junctions, and take 200m after them so you can safely get back up to speed. How much is 200m? Well, that's about the length of 40 sedans parked bumper to bumper -- so that's plenty of distance to keep things safe out there.

  2. The other place I have created a "neutral zone" is at the U-turn point, so you can negotiate the U-turn safely. So again, you can back off the pace 200m before AND 200m after the U-turn. Even if you overshoot the U-turn, you can just take the U-ey further down the road, and get back up to speed when you are back on the segment, and your time still counts. Again, all the back-end segment black magic will be taken care of by yours truly.

At the end of the day, nothing changes for you out there. Just ride the segment your hardest and fastest, without having to blow through the 3 junctions noted above and the U-turn. Ride hard and ride safe!

Event Brief

  • No Registration: just add "#IsoTour to you ride title on the day!

  • Distance: 47.10km (shortened from ~100km, given a lot of riders are commuting to the segment!)

  • Segment:

  • Start point: On Hyderabad highway, right opposite the Cafe Coffee Day, just past the IVC road turn-off (refer to the segment above and start your effort a little before to be sure)

  • U-turn: Easy to miss, so keep an eye on your distance from the start, or your live segment/GPS route on your cyclocomputer

  • Finish point: On Hyderabad highway, in front of the Cafe Coffee Day (refer to the segment above and finish your effort a little after to be sure)

  • Weather: 20-25C, 15-20kph Westerlies, chance of rain past noon [Forecast]. We have a storm front coming through mid-week, so winds will die down this weekend compared to the last one.

  • Start window: 6-9AM (it gets windier as the sun wakes up, so earlier start = faster times)

ISO Gran Fondo - Rules, regulations, and tactics

  • It is essential that you set the following options on your Strava 'Privacy Controls' to ‘Everyone' for: 'Activities', 'Group Activities', and 'Flybys'. 'How-to' video below:

  • Know your course - you are responsible to know the start and finish points of the segment. Take a flying start and finish flying too if you're unsure where exactly the Start/Finish of the segment are

  • This is a Gran Fondo, so drafting/group riding is completely race LEGAL. The goal is to finish the segment in the fastest time you can. So, you could chose to: (1) ride with a group if you feel that elevates your speed vs if rode solo, or (2) go out and push yourself a bit if you feel you'd be faster solo on a 50km "TT"

  • This is also Stage 2 of a General Classification (GC). So, if you raced the Stage 1 ITT, and you're looking to move up the GC, that makes this a "race within a race". This means that a group of similarly placed/similarly strong Stage 1 riders might stay together and try and "breakaway" from the group later into the segment

  • Safety is the priority. Keep you and fellow riders' safety in mind at all times and execute tactics with positive/respectful intent, so you can give each other a pat on the back and share a coffee at the end of the day having pushed each other a bit more than you would have gone otherwise.


Post-race, I'll share the results based on the Strava leaderboard rankings for the segment on the day and within the 6-9am start window.

Have fun out there, stay safe, and ride hard!



Recap and results - Stage 1, ISO TT

Solid ride by all of you who turned out today to battle the peak westerly winds out on the OMR! Some riders raced the segment in the middle of a 100+km "commute", some on MTBs, and some even fixed punctures to finish the damn segment :) Kudos to everyone who pushed themselves out there regardless of where you finished on the leaderboard on the day.

Stage 2, ISO Gran Fondo details will be out tomorrow (Monday, Aug 2nd) evening. I've added a bit about the start and finish points to help with planning.

Even if you didn't line up today for the ITT, you're welcome to come out next Sunday, Aug 8th, and attempt to set your PR time on the longer format ~60km segment.

Riders who will have done both days, will be in the "General Classification" I'll compile, so you have an opportunity to "race" and move up the leaderboard from from today's ride, or just explore your own limits a bit.

So, without further ado, the leaderboards from today:

Women's leaderboard


U-24 men

Men's Open

Masters Men 35+

Master's Men 45+

Top-10 Overall


Pre-Race Info

Here we are: over half-way through 2021, hopefully single or double-vaxxed by now, and ready to shake-off some cobwebs with some ISOlated IRL ("In Real Life") segment bike racing. None of us are ever going to race Le Tour, but the ISO Tour is the next best thing, pretty much!

Event Brief

  • The ISO Tour (self-ISOlated Tour for short) is a 2-day stage race comprising of a:

    • Stage 1 - ISO TT, Aug 1st (this Sunday), and a

    • Stage 2 - ISO Gran Fondo, Aug 8th (next Sunday)

  • The winner of the ISO Tour is the rider who wins the "General Classification (GC)" i.e. the rider with the least cumulative time for both Stages 1 and 2 combined.

  • Read AND follow the rules and regulations below regarding opening all your "Privacy Controls" on Strava to appear on the leaderboard, the format of ITT, segment knowledge, how no-drafting will be policed, etc

Stage 1, August 1st: ISO TT - OMR 33km ITT

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