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Wattbombs #CampOfChamps - 2nd Ed.

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The 6 toughest days in #IndianCycling

  • Day 0: 40km - Intro to camp

  • Day 1: 80km - Testing - 5' & 20'

  • Day 2: 40km - Testing - 1' & vs sprints

  • Day 3: 120km - Nandi Epic Simulation

  • Day 4: 40km - Rest day

  • Day 5: 160km - BLR Classic

  • Day 6: 160km - Endurance Finisher

What: borrowing on Jim Miller's #CampOfChamps concept -- providing an environment for healthy competition -- these 7 days are essentially a 5-day "stage race" in terms of training load, with 2 recovery days to allow you to settle in, and exchange knowledge off the bike mid-camp. It's an opportunity to spend time with like-minded athletes from across Indian cycling, to share and learn from each others experiences. Unlike in pure racing, there isn't a zero sum game scenarios -- where for one to win, another has to lose. But also, unlike a regular training camp, there will be competitive flavor to everydays rides/race simulations. These will be a couple HARD days on the bike, followed by enough time to wind down daily to focus on recovering and hitting it again the next day, and the next.

When: 7 days, Tuesday, August 24th - Monday, August 30th

Who: this camp is open to trained athletes used to training loads of 600-800TSS/week. This is not a camp for getting into shape, but to push your limits by riding with the best in the country

Inclusives and costs

  • 7 days of camp w/ Room and Board: 9800 INR (inclusive of GST)

  • Room = 8-bed dorm w/ common bath

  • Board = 3-meal sports nutritionist-curated plan

  • Single rooms suites available at an additional 7994 INR for 7 nights (inclusive of GST)

  • Sports nutrition and hydration support hamper from Fast & Up to fuel the camp

Additional services (optional)

  • Road bike fits: 2500 INR/hr, ~2hrs, scheduled sessions post-camp

  • TT bike fits: 3000 INR/hr, ~2-3hrs, scheduled sessions post-camp

  • Coaching consult: 2500 INR ~1hr, scheduled consult post-camp

  • Sports massage and recovery protocols: At cost from PDCSE

  • Strength clinic: Free squat & deadlift clinic for cyclists, scheduled group session post-camp

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