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My philosophy

I believe that results lie at the intersection of:

  • passion for your pursuit that is deep-set and internally motivated

  • persistence in the face of seemingly deep challenges 

  • progression measured against your previous best self

The Wattbombs difference​

  • Challenges - everyone handles the great days like a rockstar, but short-circuiting the inevitable challenges is where progression and podiums are made 

  • Consistency - encouraging my athletes to strive for this -- across weeks, months, seasons, years -- this is how Wattbombs are made

  • Communication - coach-athlete communication is the "magic" in coaching

The Tools​

  • Data - Every Wattbombs athlete trains with a powermeter. No exceptions. Objectivity in training is essential to progress in a sport that doesn't have access to many quality racing opportunities yet. Sensations are important too. Intrinsically linking data to sensations and being able to operate and switch between both is what we aim for.

  • Performance management - we use TrainingPeaks to plan and manage performance. If it's not on TrainingPeaks, it didn't happen.

  • Communication: we use every form of communication that reduces friction and maximizes efficiency to get to our goals.

Coaching Packages


Notable WattBombers // Our Alumni​​

  • 1st & 3rd - XCT & XCO, MTB Nationals '15

  • 1st & 2nd - XCT & XCO, MTB Nationals '16

  • 1st MTB rider from India to live, train, & race in Belgium

K Kiran Kumar Raju

(Mar 2015 - Sept 2017)

KKR Nats_edited.jpg

Aman Punjani

(Dec 2016 - Oct 2017)

WBC background_edited.jpg
  • 2nd - U-23 ITT, Road Nationals '17

  • 1st - 2017 BBCh Crit, BBCh Classic, & BBCh Season Overall

  • 2 seasons living, training, & racing in Belgium ('15, '17)

  • Youngest Indian to finish a 1.12B kermesse - Bottelare '17

Parashuram Chenji

(Apr 2017 -  Feb 2018)

  • 3rd - Elite Crit, Road Nationals​ '17

  • 4th -  2017 BBCh Nandi Epic

  • 2 seasons living, training, & racing in Belgium ('16, '17)

Punay Pratap Singh

(Jun - Oct 2017)

WBC background_edited.jpg
  • 3rd - U-23 ITT, Road Nationals '17

  • 1st - U-23 ITT, Delhi State Champs '17

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