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Power2Max - Now in India!

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

Power2Max NGeco Zayante | MRP: 62,000 INR

Power2Max India =

There are a bunch of powermeter options in India, but The goal of is to bring you the best. We know power and all we focus on is Power2Max powermeters and you. We've paired the Power2Max NGeco and Praxis Works Zayante to offer the most competitively priced, complete dual-sided, reliable, and accurate powermeter available in India -- all firsts for a powermeter offering in India.


The Power2Max advantage? - #justworks

  • ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart

  • Dual-sided: Complete L and R power

  • Accurate: +/-2%, measured at crank spider

  • Reliable: No bearings or moving parts and waterproof


Power2max - NGeco

It's billed as the pro power meter for everyone. Handmade in Germany, P2M is known for its reliability and accuracy. The NGeco comes in at the lowest price point for complete dual-sided power in a robust package that just works. Here's two insights into P2M:

  • DCRainmaker reviews the P2M NGeco

  • GCN reveals how P2M is made


Praxis Works - Zayante M30 Built with with cold-forged chainrings in 50-53/34-39 and 165-175mm crank length options, a beefy 30mm spindle, Ultegra-equivalent ~700g hollow forged crank arms, durability is what Praxis is know for.

BikeRumor tests the Praxis Works Zayante


Contact us!

We are on Facebook or Instagram for any questions or more configuration options from 56T aero chainrings, to Carbon crank arms, to other P2M spider options.

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Naveen John
Naveen John
Jul 18, 2019

Hey there, Power2Max is distributed in India by Happyearth. They can help with getting you one. For the CAAD 10, you would need a BB30 to Praxis BB. I'd advise upgrading your crankset to the P2M + Zayante, and putting your old crankset as a whole on a 2nd hand marketplace. Feel free to message me at 7022802999 for more info.


Jul 18, 2019

Hi Naveen - Could you let me know where can I buy this from? I have FSA cranks on my CAAD 10. Will this be compatible? How much would the delivery time be to Mumbai?

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