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Coming at you, Hyderabad, to catch-up with you & race!

Updated: May 24, 2019

I'd glad that my first big goal of the year -- the 2019 Asian Championships -- is out of the way. I'm using my time back at home base in Bangalore to reset my legs and head for the rest of the season. In training, I'm slowly ramping up to my 4th season back in Belgium, though I have to be careful not to overcook the engine by doing too much or going too hard too soon. In the financial department, it's much needed time to take on whatever work I can find, cut expenses, and regroup resources to fund my training and racing for the rest of the year.

Also, this happens to be one of the few times in my year where I get to contribute to growing grassroots racing by doing my bit and showing up to community events and races. It's super important that India's best riders park their ego and stretch themselves a bit to do these events so that young riders and aspiring elite riders can get a baseline for where they stand compared to the best in the country. Rolling in a break with a National Champion, or taking him/her head-on in a friendly sprint up a local climb, or just hearing the right couple of words from them at a meet-up, is the stuff that can change the course of an aspiring athletes life choices. It's happened to me and I've seen it happen to many-a-National champ I know.

So, when a friend in Hyderabad reached out to me about the Hyderabad Racing Circuit and the work he's trying to do to get the community racing scene up and running again, I had to oblige. Here's what's on tap:

I'd be happy to take questions on anything and everything related to my work in, out, and around the sport -- from being an athlete, to training and coaching, to bike fit, my mentorship project, etc

This is going to be a great race, and a chance to race with a couple National-level riders without the pressure or negative racing tactics

See you out there!

Image Credits: Stefanie Fritzen

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